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I really liked your blog :) I'll let you in on a little secret for getting famous , its called theIast media. com

Oh, hey, thank you. :) Erm.. is this true?

Oh, and the help you wanted.. I can help you, you know, if I could. :)

From bestmomenton 

Where is this from? D: /post/22247716867

I’m sorry but its not mine but.. i’ve researched and guess what? Found it. : ) 

Go and check it here . Yes, you’re wc. BD



kamsahamnida :) <3

Cheonma ^♥^ 

Niel hasn't done anything to alter his voice. It's gradually matured as he's grown and sounds completely natural to me. That site is wack and everyone commenting is hatin'. Ignore it~~~

Yeah. It’s pissin’ me ;-; thanks for dropin’ by anyway

Hey hey, how are you? I loooooooooove your blog a lot cause' I'm a kpop fan ^^ Do you watch anime much and how old are you? :3

Hellohihey ;) haha aww really? THANKYOU SOOO MUCH :”> so heart-warming :D Anime? Hmm. It depends if it’s nice :) Suggest animes to watch then :{D i’m 4teen and you?

Where'd u edit this?? :D /post/24237723942/before-after-c

Hmm. I guess it’s from PHOTOSCAPE :)

I’m from argentina ^^ .. and you ?

Oh niceuu :D im from Philippines:) so, you’re full Argentina?

Nice to meet you joy .. my name is jessica but me say Jecca: 3

Same thing here :3 Jecca? ooh. that’s kewl ;) hmm where are you from?

awww love you ^ ^ .. what’s your name?

i laff yew moar :3 teehee. you’re so kind. i’m RIEJOY. but you can call me JOY :) and you?

thank you very much for following me .. I hope to be friends ^ ^

No. Thank YOU. You got a great blog there and thanks for following back ^.^v Really? Me too! yay! :3 nice to meet you.

Thank you :3

pleasure’s mine :{D

Aww, you're so nice to answering me T^T ~ But this is the fourth one :c I want this one~ i(.)imgur(.)com/pDfdq(.)png ;_;

Haha /rofl/ Oh, the fourth? Haha :D Sure thing. It’s from here:

Hi :3 I saw your (current) 9 fav picture of SeungHyun, I know you edited all of those photo but I would really love to have the third one ;A; If you want~

third one from here  :) there you go :3 thanks for dropping by ;)

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